1.7 Million+ social fans

ITs No news TO Africans that OGa Boss, has got a very wide range of social media fans who loves music as much as they Love entertainment,

we have over 1.7 million social media fans and followers altogether, therefore wrecking in over 5 million traffic views Monthly

We have decided to help upcoming musical Artists, and comedians in hyping and promoting their jobs and contents on our platforms,

Considering how hard and Difficult the Country and The Industry is, we have decided to our package an Affordable one for the New and Upcoming Artist.

We are going to get Your song Posted on OGabossGbedu.com for our Music Loving Fans, And Also proceed to highlight, hype, and promote, Your Song and Brand all over our Entertainment Social Media Platforms With over 1.7Million Fans altogether.

Now the Awesome Part is, We will be doing all of this at the Rate of Just #5,000.

Yes, that’s Five thousand Naira. But then again, If you’re interested in A Special promotion and Hype, You can contact us for More information on that.

find the lists Our Platforms where your Songs and Videos will be hyped and Promoted below⬇⬇⬇

OGA BOSS Facebook: 493k+ Followers

OGABoss Gbedu Facebook 45k+ Fans


OGABOSSMAN INSTAGRAM : 231k+ followers

OGA BOSS GBEDU Twitter 10k+ followers

OGA BOSS Twitter: 12k+ Followers

Couple of other regular handles owned by the OGA BOSS Team