‘I will not forgive you’ – CeeC Annoyingly Exposes what Whitemoney said about her [Video]

During the BBNaija Season 8 All-Star Edition show, tensions escalated within the house as a result of a confrontation involving CeeC and her fellow housemate, Whitemoney.


According to Doyin, Whitemoney had been actively discouraging other housemates from engaging in any form of association or communication with CeeC, unless it was directly related to a task.

The exact motivation behind Whitemoney’s directive remained shrouded in mystery, leaving CeeC taken aback by the news.

In the midst of a gathering involving a handful of other housemates, CeeC’s emotions came to the surface as she vented her frustration.


She declared her stance on not forgiving Whitemoney for his alleged words and actions.

To CeeC, Whitemoney’s reported behavior was not only deeply hurtful but also morally wrong and evil. She defended herself, highlighting the lack of any valid reason for Whitemoney’s statement.

CeeC’s reaction stirred waves of concern among the viewers, who flooded the comment section with their own interpretations of the unfolding drama.

See some reactions below: 

bestdeal_appliances: “If you didn’t watch pls don’t comment..WM hurt Ceec by telling housemates to alienate her and she was a genuine friend to WM.”

_lindaaa_o: “Why would white money even do such to someone that has been nice to him??? Why tell housemates to stop talking to Ceec?? Nawa oh that very bad and if I’m ceec Omo that’s the end oo.”

iam_blecare: “One thing I have noticed about Ceec is that she’s uptight but she will always SPEAK THE TRUTH. In a conversation concerning Ike and his BFFs, only her amongst them all told Ike the truth to his face. Ike is a mess and a very conniving human. Very unstable and chaotic human.”

kelvin_umeh: “I was surprised at Whitemoney’s move towards Ceec. She’s been nice to you and saw you as a friend. This show is just wild & there’s no friend in the game.”

christabelwestern: “White money is not two faced, he has told cece several times he doesn’t like how she easily throws insults at him. What he could have done is to call privately and have that conversation instead of telling people to stop talking to her.”

tessyluv_: “If y’all will be truthful, ceec is the most bullied housemate, you can just tell they are all judging her from 2018 which is unfair and they always try to make her seem like some troublemaker and it’s unfair.”

chioma__rita: “But truth b told what that WM said was wrong and it’s painful… imagine how she felt when doyin told her that WM said nobody should talk to her. omo that WM i dnt like his vibes from time.”


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