BBNaija Cindy Evicted from Big brother house

BBNaija Cindy has been evicted from the game, Recall that the organizers of the on-going Big Brother Naija reality show announced that ‘surprise eviction’ will begin from, Thursday, September 26th as against the regular Sunday night evictions. BBnaija 2019 host Ebuka made a surprise visit to the house this morning; the moment Ebuka asked the Nominated Housemates to go pack their bags, that was when the Pepper Dem Gang knew it was about to go down. That An Eviction will definitely happen.

The next housemate to be evicted from the Big brother house is…. Cindy, Ebuka said in the lightest tone and we couldn’t help but wonder if an Eviction had just happened. Even BBNaija Cindy was stiff for a moment, it was a shock to her, Nonetheless, the other Housemates put up for Eviction this week couldn’t shake off the feeling that their names could be called up next. But ofcos, Only 1 Eviction happened, Now we wait for Tomorrow or Maybe Sunday to see who goes next!

BBNaija Cindy

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