“Liquorose Disrespected Me On A Live TV”- Beatrice

In a live Instagram recording, Beatrice was heard gossiping about her former co-housemate Liquorose with another housemate. She was explaining why she referred to her as “not smart” in an interview.

Beatrice who was unaware that Tega’s PA was live on Instagram , said Liquorose insulted her on live TV that she bleached her skin, that was why she said she isn’t smart.


I just rewatch the video and no where did Liquorose said bleached body. I can now confirm that beetroot no get anything for head and she also finds it difficult to comprehend simple English. Anyone that needs to talk to her should use Pidgin


Madam biscuit u sha won fight abi no problem but we Emmarose don tear our fighting cloth Oo but remember anything you said we be use against you in the court of law I come in peace


This beetroot gurl does she even know what she is talking about ..I mean I never heard Rose speak about her not even a single day…I’ve said it before and am saying again BEATRICE or whatever name YOU A NONMOTHERFACTOR IN ROSE LIFE..PERIODT.SIS DISGRACE

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