“Mercy Johnson is not her real name” – Woman who claims to be Mercy’s mother cries out for DNA test to prove it (Video)

A woman who bears a striking resemblance to Mercy Johnson has claimed to be the biological mother of the Nigerian actress.

She narrated that she got married to a Nigerian from Kogi state and had three children with him. She was pregnant with her fourth child when her mother came from Cameroon to inform her about her father who was critically sick and wanted to see his grandchildren before passing.

Her husband told her to go with the last child, leaving Mercy Johnson and her elder brother Martin Ngei with their father and a certain woman. She has been moving to and fro Nigeria for over 30 years to find her kids, but to no avail.

She claims that when she finally found Mercy, the actress asked for a DNA test to confirm her story. She went to the hospital and met with Mercy’s husband, Prince Okojie.

She added that Mercy’s husband denied knowing her and said she was not the person whom he paid Mercy’s bride price to.

She told him that she was not there to take his wife away from him. Prince Okojie agreed to pay for the DNA test but told her to take care of her own bills.

The woman found this embarrassing as she had spent all her money on transportation costs to Nigeria.

She insisted that she was not after Mercy’s money because she has been surviving on her own all these years.

She also revealed that Mercy’s birth name is Ngei Magdalene and that she was born in 1982. She is willing to take the DNA test.

Mercy had invited her to Nigeria, but she has been struggling to survive as she has no home here.

“I gave birth to her at a private hospital in Benue state. She is aware that I am her biological mother and she knows that Mercy Johnson is not her real name. In fact when I came to Nigeria she asked me what’s my real name and I told her”, she said in part.

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