People Should Mind Their Business, Not All Celebrities Show Off — Chizzy Alichi Spills

Popular actress, Chigozie Stephanie Alichi, also known as Chizzy Alichi has maintained that Nigerians need to mind their business instead of having a say in other people’s matters.

The pretty actress made the statement during an interview with Saturday Beats.

According to her, people needed to mind their business, especially those on social media as they don’t know what people pass through daily.

This is coming after the actress called out a troll on the gram in celebration of her 28th birthday, who asked her when she would bear a child.

During the interview, she said;
“I think people need to mind their business, and they should be mindful of what they say to others, especially because they do not know what others are going through. However, some celebrities derive joy from putting their private lives on social media for people to know what they do on a daily basis, and some love to show off because they live for the gram. Meanwhile, others only show people what they want them to see, and some don’t show at all. In my opinion, this depends on one’s personality. People do what makes them happy.”

Speaking further on her career and other streams of income, she revealed;
Although I do many things, I am into farming and I have big poultry. I trade bitcoin, and I also recently launched a kids’ television show. However, the most important is my nationwide delivery business.”

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