Top Ten Business Idea With Low Capital

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Are you looking for Top 10 business ideas with low investments in America? Then you are at the right place as I am going to share some good idea and easy ways to start business with low risk and high profits.

Starting a business is now not anything new for people in our country. Daily you might be hearing about some new ideas and startup companies are arising in India.

The first and the foremost problem faced by people while starting a new business is low capital or shortage of money. That’s why people are looking forsmall business ideas with low investments and high profit.

Before reading this article further I want to give you some suggestions and I am pretty sure no one will be telling this or before planning to do your own business must take into consideration below given points:

Point to consider

  1.  Don’t fall for any cheat and fraud based online work before starting any work see the authority of that website.
  2.  No work can give you direct success, to get successful you have to through many ups and down so don’t find any shortcut to achieve something in life and nothing is easy to achieve.
  • Choose the work in which you can work effectively and also choose work in which you like to work because the work which you don’t like much will not give you any output.
  • If you are an employee working for any reputed company, don’t quit job after looking at success of other people’s life who have achieved success through the way you are looking for.
  • Before leaving job save as much money as you can so that suppose if you don’t get success in some months it will not impact your life.

If you don’t feel like doing any of this business or you have less confidence in starting with any business then I suggest you to do go with job you are doing. And if you want to start a business then let’s see the list of top 10 business ideas with low investment.

Top 10 Business Ideas with Low Investment and High Profit

#1 Small Restaurant

People’s nowadays have become foodie who likes to eat good and tasty foods also they need varieties of food in their daily routine nowadays.

And a time has come where they can order food online and get their food delivered to their work places or home at any given time.

So if you are thinking for businesses like restaurant go for it.

Just create a quality food with a good taste and a competitive price.

It is surely going to become big for you.

Some points to consider while going for restaurant business ideas

If you have less amount of capital then you can go with small restaurant for selling daily stuffs like street foods.

In Gujarat there are many places which have small restaurants running which sells food like khaman,dhokla,vadapav any many more,and they earn good income from it.

So you can start with small restaurant if you have less capital to start.

Try to open your business in a place where its necessity is more like say any company is  there which has no nearby restaurant for nasta’s.

There are chances of your business to get success if you open in places where there is no cafes and restaurant.

#2  Tuition classes

If you have enough knowledge in any particular field and if you are thinking for doing any business go for tutor.

This business is long term business it will never get vanished. Every year there are batches of students who are finding for good tuition class.

They will approach you, if you have great understanding and knowledge in a particular subject for which they are seeking for.

You can charge them for the classes you conduct and earn money through it.

#3 Dance Classes

If you have good skill in dancing and seeking for job or business.

Then you can either join dance classes and earn salary from that job or you can start your own dance class academy with like minded peoples in your group.

It will take less investment from you like you only have to get place on rent with some good space where you can teach your students some good forms of dancing.

If you don’t want to spend money in getting rented place, you can even start teaching dance at their home place.

#4 Rent a House/Room

If you have extra room or house with you, I suggest you can give it on rent to people who are in need of house of room to stay.

There are some colleges running nearby your place or any company running nearby your place, there might be possibility that some peoples who are outside from your town or city will be finding some place to stay.

So if you have a room or a house you can rent it out to that person and can earn good amount of money from that rent as well.

Even you can rent your space to company as an office space where people comes and work daily.

#5   Food Truck business

If you can cook good tasty fast food like pizza’s and burger and many more.

You can think of starting a food truck business. It is one of the good earning source. It was a concept brought from countries like US where they sell stuffs in mini truck.

How it works here is you can design a mini truck in such a way that you can sell food products in it while cooking food inside your truck.

You can buy any good condition second hand truck if you don’t want to buy a new one and design it in such a good way that you can serve the food to the people standing inside your trucks.

The benefit of having food truck is you can take it to various places for selling your product, like you can take it to various schools nearby daily in the morning and in the afternoon when the schools are about to start and close in afternoon. Even you can sell you goodies to various companies in the evening time when they are leaving from their office premises.

#6  Laundry Service

This is a one kind of business that is less mentioned in many articles or might not be available on other blogs or site. But trust me it is really one of the awesome business which can earn you some good amount of money.

I have seen this kind of business on one of the website from USA. It was a website build in such a way that they have created schedules to pick up the clothes from various areas of USA on a daily or a weekly bases.

So you can also start this kind of business by creating a website or mobile app to receive and deliver clothes to the user using some schedule mechanism.

 #7 Cleaning services

Cleaning services is a business you might have seen and also taken service from a company like urban clap in India.

They provide various kind of cleaning service like

Home cleaning and the service in home cleaning like

  • Cleaning tiles and carpet
  • sofas and bed cleaning
  • Cleaning fans
  • Cleaning bathrooms etc…

So you might do the same business or find out some problem sources likewise and provide service for it and start a business as equivalent to urban clap and earn some money through it.

# 8 Mobile Repairing Service

You might be wondering is this service considered as a business. The answer to that question is yes, you can consider it as a business.

In many places I have found that service centers of a company also provide the mobile repairing services but they might not give phone on time.

You can consider that as a problem and can think of starting a mobile repair service center with genuine part replacement if necessary.

You can also consider the price or rate they are offering for mobile repairing service and If you can solve that problem with less rate of your service.

It will really impact your business because it will reduce customer’s burden of money and will also receive their phone on time.

#9  Laptop Repairing Service

Laptop repairing service is also one of the best services to give to customer who are In need of it.

I will tell you my story once I had faced an issue in my laptop and I have given it in one service center.

It take almost 1 month to get repaired my laptop and I was literally frustrated.

So you can open a service center if you have knowledge of it or if you have done any hardware course

And if you solved the problem as I mentioned above you will surely get success in that business.

#10 Mini theater

 You might be wondering about what is this mini theater. Then let’s see what it is.

In recent days lots of things I came to hear about mini theater. It is really a great concept.

In bengaluru ,two brothers started one mini theater of 13 Seater A/c hall with 135 inch screen and 7.2 Dolby sound system which is rented on hourly basis.

All you have to do is book your slot and then you can log in to your amazon prime account or Netflix account and view your favourite show with your friends and family.

Like the concept, Even I liked it. It is really a good business concept right now.

So this how you have to think of such innovative business ideas and I am sure you will surely succeed in starting your business.

So this were the top 10 business ideas which you can go with to sustain your life. My suggestion to select any one business that is of interest from this top 10 business ideas.

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