Toyin Lawani shares photo of herself in a revealing Muslim outfit after she was dragged over her racy nun costume and told she can’t try it with a Hijab

Celebrity stylist, Toyin Lawani has fired back at her trolls with a photo of herself in a revealing Muslim outfit after she was dragged for her sexy nun outfit.

Toyin Lawani shares

Recall that the fashion entrepreneur sparked outrage on social media after she donned a racy nun outfit with high slits that stemmed up to her privates.

The photos earned her serious backlash online as netizens, especially Christians, took to her comment section to express their displeasure over her choice of outfit. They also argued that she wouldn’t dare make this fashion statement using a Hijab.

Toyin Lawani shares

In reaction to the “dare”, Toyin fired back and revealed that she has done something similar with a hijab in the past. She then shared a photo herself wearing a hijab and a long dress with thigh high slit which exposed her thigh and leg.

She also stated that she is an artist and would express her artistic ideas in anyway she pleases, without giving a hoot about people’s opinion.

Read her response below,

“Ah why are you shouting that I can’t dress like this in a Muslim way  I have and will do another baddass one and make sure it’s extremely revealing again for you tomorrow so you know im not here for your rants , the more you rant the more i do to upset you ,People need to realize one thing about Tiannah , she’s an Artist and will do a lot of artistic things that won’t pls the world from time to Time , not here to please you , no one pays my bills so you don’t count at all , Did this ad for @oohfragrancepalace two years ago , for muslim sales , I’m sure a lot of you don’t even know I’m Muyinat .

You all don’t know who you are dealing with , there’s nothing I haven’t done and will not do , so far it pleases me , im a Christian and a Muslim , I worship both , cause both my parents have separate religion, but see you need to differentiate ART FROM RELIGION? THEY ARE NOT THE SAME , A COSTUME IS A COSTUME, RELIGION IS OF THE HEART AND SPIRITUAL, ITS NOT A PIECE OF CLOTHING  IM AN ARTIST NOT A COMMENTATOR, I AINT GAT TIME FOR YOUR OPINIONS

See her post below

Toyin Lawani shares

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