Two young upcoming actresses call out Nollywood movie producer, Victor Okpala for allegedly demanding sex for movie roles

Two ladies, who are upcoming actresses have in recent posts on their respective social media pages called out a Nollywood movie producer, Victor Okpala who allegedly demanded sex from them for movie roles.

Oshevire Divine, in reaction to the rape and sexual assault that’s been rocking social media for days now, took to her page to call out the movie director, agitating that his despicable act of asking for sex from young actresses who want movie roles, has to stop.

She shared screenshots of their conversation, exposing the movie producer who categorically asked her to use her body to get what she wants.

She wrote alongside the screenshots,

@victorokpalan this needs to stop too! #stoptakingadvantageofgirls

I was going to keep quiet about this..but why should I?this isn’t a normal thing and shouldn’t be considered as a normal act at all.

This is a chat between me and a Nollywood movie producer&director.I have to voice out on this matter..this is wrecking the image of Nollywood.Check my last slide to see…The monologue challenge I wanted to participate in he asked to subscribe to his channel,watch one of his movies then send a proof.So i did according to the guidelines he posted and sent the proof…he replied he literally told me that talent is not enough and indirectly said that I’d have to sacrifice my body for me to make it into Nollywood.I don’t know how many other girls he must have deceived like this but this isn’t fair and we shouldn’t keep quiet about this.This happened yesterday,this needs to stop #stoptakingadvantageofgirls#deletingsoon

Screenshots she shared below,

Few hours later, another lady, Sharon Osiyerimo Ohunene Jatto, also an aspiring actress, took to her own page to share a conversation she had with the producer which is akin to that of Divine.

According to Sharon, she was 17 at the time the movie producer asked her to engage in intercourse so she can get the opportunity of a lifetime of becoming a star actress — she revealed that after she’d conversed with the producer in person, she told him she couldn’t do what he’d asked.

He eventually apologized to her when she outed him on her Instagram stories. Sharon demands justice be brought upon him because though she might not have indulge in the preposterous acts with him, the same might not be said for other young girls.

She shared a video of herself outing the movie producer while sharing screenshots of their conversation too. She wrote as caption,

You see this man
This man had the guts to post “say no to rape” because he thinks its just social media aesthetics.
Do you people understand this.
This man holds auditions only for him to haunt for girls.
I was barely 17 when this man asked that in exchange for a movie role I sleep with him.
When i told him my age he said “shey you’ll soon be 18,its fine”
He literally told me everyone in his film had to do it saying “that’s the normal thing”
Thank God i knew i had a choice
What of people who thought that was the only way?
This man has had his way with a lot of people who dint know they did have a choice.
It’s disheartening
They are plenty in this nollywood
And it has to stop
Its not a do or die affair
Small thing they’ll say “they’ll blacklist you o”
You people are actually mad.
Please don’t hesitate to call the animals out enough is enough.
And please your dreams and aspirations are valued and God’s blessings doesn’t come with a price tag.
Your time will come

See her video and screenshots of her chats below,

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