Couple who met at a wedding after the man caught the garter and the woman caught the bouquet get married to each other

A couple who got married years after meeting at a wedding where they both caught the garter and the bouquet have become an internet sensation.

During wedding ceremonies, it’s believed that the man who catches the bride’s garter at a wedding is next to be married and the woman who catches the bride’s bouquet is also next in line to be married.

Although this hasn’t always been the case, it however hasn’t stopped the tradition of throwing the garter and bouquet at weddings.

At a wedding that was held on May 23, 2015, a man named Aramis Phillips caught the garter while a woman named Candace caught the bouquet. They were strangers up until that point but became acquainted afterwards.

They got married years later.

Candace took to her Twitter page on May 23, 2020, to mark the 5th anniversary of the day they both met at a wedding. She revealed that they both slid into each other’s DMs after the wedding and they’ve been together ever since.

They’ve now been married for 8 months.


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