Woman allegedly beats her fiance’s young son with log of wood, dips his hand in hot water.

A case of domestic abuse has been reported in Anambra State as a young boy was left with rectal bleeding after he was allegedly battered by his father’s wife-to-be with a log of wood.

According to a facebook user identified as Nwokolo Uzoamaka, the prospective stepmother not only brutalized the boy, she also dipped his hand in hot water and applied pepper on the burnt hand before locking in up in a room.

Read her post below ;

So a random lady walked into the hospital ward and burst into tears at the sight of what another lady did to a child….now that is a heart that cares.

Children are such a precious gift…

It’s certain that It’s not everyone that appreciates good things little wonder after God said love your neighbour as you love yourself ;God took it further to say Love your neighbour as Christ love the church because some people don’t even love themselves.
So this is what a prospective step mother did to the prospective step son today in Anambra state . After hitting him all over his body with the log of wood, she dipped his hand into a hot water and afterwards spread Cameroun pepper on it and locked him up in the room even with a rectal bleeding.

Thank God for neighbours who came to the child’s rescue.”

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